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The Goddess Minerva

Minerva was the daughter of Jupiter and sprang full grown and armed from the head of her father. The Roman version of the Greek Athena, she was considered to be the goddess of wisdom, warriors, poetry, medicine, commerce, crafts, and the inventor of music.

As 'Minerva Medica', she was the goddess of medicine and doctors.

Ovid called her the "goddess of a thousand works" and she is usually pictured wearing a coat of mail and a helmet and carrying a spear.

In the temple on the Capitoline Hill she was worshipped together with Jupiter and Juno, with whom she formed a powerful trinity.

Today, representations of Minerva can be found many places. As the goddess of Wisdom, she is especially prevalent at educational institutions.

  • A status of Minerva as “Alma Mater” is in front of the Low Memorial Library at Columbia University in New York
  • Minerva is the name of a women’s residence at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa
  • Minerva is the name of the second oldest student organisation at the University of Leiden, the Netherlands, itself founded in 1575
  • The head of Minerva is carved in the central keystone of the Boston Public Library in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Minerva is pictured on the seal of the state of California
  • Minerva is the name of the online library system of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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